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Financial Analysis

Through conversations and analysis of financial documents, I will provide you a realistic picture of what you can afford after the divorce.  The conversations will include your income, lifestyle and your future goals. 


I will recommend an equitable division of the assets during the divorce.  The analysis includes projections to ensure the division is equitable long-term, not just this year. 


Financial Expertise


I provide you and your attorney with data that shows the financial effect of any given divorce settlement.  My divorce settlement recommendations account for your investment risk tolerance  and specific items you specify as important, such as tuition assistance or keeping the house.

Data Collection and Budget Creation


I analyze all joint and separate financial documents to understand the whole picture. I then create a  budget to demonstrate post-separation expenses and boundaries.  The budget will account for daily living expenses (mortgage, car payment), retirement objectives and long term-expense (future tuition payment for children).

Evidence Presentation


My Divorce Financial Analyst certification is valid to present evidence in any state.  I can appear as an expert witness in court, a mediation or as part of an arbitration. 


I am only licensed to practice law in Texas.

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